About Old Border

The Old Border is about crossing the frontier of the modern and about the audacious courage of enjoying the simple things: a perfect meal with fresh ingredients, a sunrise with solely the sound of waves as background or an evening conversation that goes on and on until the first sign of dawn.

So we challenge you to live your own adventure: a holiday away from the everyday, where you focus only on your friends and family and on each moment that can become a unique memory – camp fires, lazy mornings, the unique smell of the sea or the laughter of children as they make an interesting discovery or create a new game.



We will greet the morning with coffee, tea and fresh fruit and then you’re in charge of day’s adventures: lounge in a chaise long with a good book or your favorite album, swim in the clean sea, start a barbecue like only you know how or explore the surroundings (the most beautiful sights in Dobrogea, the seaside or our Bulgarian neighbors).

So, are you ready to cross the border into a vacation like you’ve always dreamt?


Opened in the summer of 2017, The Old Border is a boutique hotel with 12 double rooms, each equipped with a double bed – 1.6 x 2 m. Upon request an extra bed can be brought in (0.80 x 1.90 m). All four first floor rooms have a seaside view. By the end of 2019 we will finalize the project and offer a further 4 rooms leading us to a total of 16 rooms ready for accommodation.

We provide free parking for all of our guests’ cars.