House rules

The Rules set out below have the role of supporting a civilized way of doing things according to both polite and legal norms.

* Check in is based on personal ID and after filling in the arrival and departure notice.

* No more than two persons can be accommodated in one room at a time. Exceptions are made for:

  • children sleeping with parents (maximum 2 under 6 years old), using the bed in the room;
  • children between 7-17 years on condition of renting an extra bed, paying the provided fare.

* As a precautionary measure Covid-19 we allow access to the location only of people staying at The Old Border.

* We are an anti-manele location. We don’t want to hear this kind of music inside our location. Please respect our decision.

* We like music but the volume at which it is listened to can be annoying. Please maintain a decent level of decibels, and after 10 pm be even more attentive to the volume of the speakers: this way we do not disturb other guests of ours or our neighbors.

* Please respect our guests by taking heed of quiet time between 22:00 and 08:00 especially in the hallways, terrace and summer kitchen.

* There is no smoking allowed in the rooms (including the bathroom). Smoking is only allowed in the designated places. Cigarette stubs can be disposed only in trash cans or ashtrays.

* It is forbidden to damage the objects from the Old Border. Otherwise, the persons responsible owe the company the value of the damaged item;

* You may not leave the premises with The Old Border property (i.e.: towels).

* No pets allowed.

* It is forbidden to place weapons, white weapons or substances prohibited by law. Under Romanian law, the consumption or marketing of hallucinogenic or psychotropic substances is prohibited and punished according to the law in force;

 * It is mandatory for tourists:

  • not to leave unattended children;
  • to notify us as soon as possible of any malfunction of the appliances or fittings;

Towels are to be used for personal use only. Do not use for: removing dyed / cleansed / cleaned shoe / pants / floor, etc.

* The check-out will be done only after checking the room by the staff of the pension;

* The gazebo and the kitchen are properly equipped to meet all the wishes and needs of the guests. However, please leave the place as you found it: make sure that other guests can enjoy the objects in the spaces without having to dispose of or clean them.

* For any destruction or damage to property, or failure to comply with the rules of cleanliness and quietness, measures shall be taken accordingly and the sums relating to the repair of the damage incurred shall be paid;

* This regulation meets the expectations of our tourists. In the event of non-observance of one or more restrictions in this regulation, we reserve the right to act in accordance with the law for violation of private property or its internal rules.

* The premises are permanently under video surveillance. These recordings will only be used in cases of non-compliance with the rules of internal order.